Just Dance!

When the music began, they would dance. This was the part that Martina liked best. She felt like the songs were inside her. When the music rose, she would leap into the air, pretending she could fly.

When the music was light and cheerful, Martina twirled round and round, like the toy ballerina on her music box. Marching music made her step smartly, like a soldier. Soft, whispery music made her tiptoe.

Music released the joyfulness in Martina’s spirit. She expressed all kinds of happy feelings by letting the music tell her how to move.  Kids know this and they relate to Martina’s joy in dance.

I was in Charleston a few weekends ago. At a corner on Market Street, a souped-up car came to a stop—hip hop music blaring from its open windows. My two year-old grandson started dancing. A smile broke out on the driver’s face. Teenagers from a crew team started dancing too.  The driver laughed out loud with pleasure. More people burst into spontaneous dance due to this tender child’s response to music. His innocent joy was the catalyst. His unbridled happiness was infectious to young and old alike.

I hope we all remember to release our spirits and dance as spontaneously and joyfully as a little child.

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